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ASLE ha concedido uno de los premios 2016 al proyecto de traducción de Ellen Skowronski del libro de poemas «Paisajes con Burro», («Landscapes with Donkey») del profesor José Marrero, de la Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Fragmento de la noticia en inglés

«Ellen Skowronski-Polito, affiliated with the Academy of Saint Elizabeth in association with the College of Saint Elizabeth and The Sisters of Charity, Convent Station, NJ, is translating the Spanish poetry collection by José Manuel Marrero Henríquez,  Paisajes con burro (Landscapes with Donkey). The translation of Paisajes con burro will introduce English-speaking readers to the visionary poetry of Canarian writer José Manuel Marrero Henríquez.
Within the world of the forty-eight poems of Paisajes con burro, the reader encounters “the donkey, -herbivorous warning” and accompanies him on a journey across earth and sea.  The untitled poems are assembled as a unified thought, unbroken by chapters, sections or even titles. Beginning in the dusty field off the northwestern coast of Africa, the donkey stands alone and “the hoof scrapes the ground / to bury the point / that its question is missing” (7). Eventually, the contemplative quadruped takes flight, crossing the Atlantic and questioning both his origin and destination from his new vantage during his cosmic travels.  In his 2015 critique of Paisajes con burro in the newspaper La Provincia, journalist and literary critic Antonio Puente refers to the symbolism embodied in Marrero Henríquez’s humble gray donkey. Of Paisajes con burro, Puente affirms that “Marrero Henríquez situates his donkey as an emblem, likewise, of the ecological resistance in the face of touristic speculation and machinelike progress.”»

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